Teaching Philosophy


Junior golfers represent the future of golf. Prestonwood Junior Golf Academy has programming for every age and skill level with focus on fundamental skills, USGA Rules of Golf , and etiquette in a fun learning environment. Skills testing, goal setting, and a comprehensive ranking system pushes students to strive to improve their game and have fun while competing with their friends. Prestonwood Junior Golf Academy is a great way for junior golfers to learn and keep the future of golf bright.


Within the Junior Golf Academy (JGA), the students are tested quarterly during December, March, June, and September. Each student will be tested for placement in the correct level based on skill. The following four skills are tested: putting, chipping/pitching, and full swing. After each skill type is tested and additional criteria is met, the student will be placed in the skill appropriate level. All new students entering the program will be individually tested by one of the instructors for appropriate level placement, unless entry occurs during the regularly scheduled testing period. Testing will be the same for each level.

Students may receive up to nine (9) bag tag levels, but at the same time can advance as quickly as their skill level will allow them to do so. For example, if a student has improved quickly between testing dates, there is a possibility they can skip a tag level. Skipping a tag level will be based on test results and whether additional criteria have been met for that level.

Not only will the JGA improve the student’s golf game, but the program is also intended to teach, honesty, integrity, respect, and determination. All students will be accountable to the JGA for maintaining the following:

  1. Good grades
  2. Good behavior at school and home
  3. Good behavior on the golf course

Contact Information

Any questions or comments should be directed to Chaz Edwards, Director of Golf Instruction

Chaz Edwards, PGA (Director of Golf Instruction)
Email: chaz.edwards@clubcorp.com
Cell: 214-498-4030